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Line Up: Your partner for highest quality control

Because quality is not a self-runner, we have set up the "Line Up Quality Control" team. Our own task force takes care of quality assurance for your production processes, which are carried out according to strict German quality standards. In addition, our ISO 9001 certification gives you the security that we develop your products in accordance with standards and orientate ourselves to internationally recognised standards. This award confirms our commitment to the highest standards in all areas of our company. Rely on Line Up as your trusted partner to design your tailor-made procurement process with the highest quality.

Our continuous improvement process aims to systematically integrate error avoidance and constantly increase the quality of your products. Through regular audits, we put potential suppliers through their paces and accompany your production through all phases to ensure the highest quality standards. Before dispatch, we carry out final quality checks to ensure compliance with your specifications. Especially with our suppliers and manufacturers in Asia, we consistently apply our standards in order to meet our high quality standards.

We put potential suppliers through their paces, accompany your production through all phases and carry out final quality checks before dispatch.

What is quality management?

If you wish, we can also have a variety of certifications such as GS, CE, TÜV, DIN-EN and more carried out by recognised test institutes. You receive effective proof that your product not only meets all relevant safety and quality requirements, but also has the required product features.

This process underlines our commitment to the highest standards in product certification and quality assurance. Talk to us about quality and find out why cost-effectiveness and a high standard are driving factors in our work.

Discover how our comprehensive certification services, from GS and CE marking to TÜV testing and DIN-EN standards, can add value to your product. Rely on our expertise in compliance and verification of safety and quality standards to successfully position your product in the market. We combine the highest quality with tailor-made solutions in your individual product development to effectively drive your business success.

In our efforts to ensure optimal series production, we at Line Up integrate detailed quality control into the sampling process. This step is crucial to ensure that the subsequent series production runs free of errors and meets our high quality standards.

In addition, we take samples from the products produced in series production in order to ensure continuous quality control. This process enables us to ensure consistency and excellence in our production and to react promptly to any deviations.

At Line Up, we attach great importance to precise quality controls. We follow common test procedures, such as Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL): We apply high quality standards to manufactured products. The products undergo intensive and strict quality tests in order to meet their individual requirements and your requirements. The use of Acceptable Quality Levels enables us to meet the specific requirements of our customers and to optimise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our production processes without compromising on quality.


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