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Your Supply Chain Dashboard

Transparency across the entire supply chain

Anytime, anywhere: Keep an eye on everything related to your orders.

Digital Supply Chain

The Line Up Supply Chain Dashboard for your digital supply chain

You want to keep track of your orders? Know everywhere and always where your goods are and when they will be delivered? The Line Up Dashboard digitally maps the entire supply chain. And uses real-time data to minimize the risk of delivery bottlenecks, delays or failures.

Streamline your processes, stay up to date and capture everything about your orders at a glance. The Line Up Dashboard is the modern, intuitive and innovative way to keep an eye on your supply chain.

For this we are constantly developing our dashboard. Do you have a suggestion for improvement, or would you like a special function? Please feel free to contact us!

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    Orders, delivery dates, documents: With the Line Up Dashboard you keep everything in view.

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    Ensure delivery quality even for orders placed regionally far away.

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    Use real-time data to track ongoing deliveries and make better decisions.

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    Time Saving

    Streamline your processes and accelerate your communication.

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    Use one place, accessible from anywhere and at any time, where everything related to your supply chain can be found.

Line Up Dashboard Features

Keep everything in view at all times

Supply Chain Management

The Line Up Dashboard takes you further

The Line Up Supply Chain Dashboard is your central point of contact for our innovative supply chain management. It integrates key aspects of the supply chain. For example, you can track your orders at Line Up and manage your deliveries. In addition, the dashboard presents real-time data from a wide range of procurement areas. And all this in a single, user-friendly platform! This advanced tool enables precise control and monitoring of all procurement processes that you have commissioned at Line Up. In addition, user groups can be activated, allowing you to involve all stakeholders you want. By integrating the dashboard into your warehousing and storage strategies, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your supply chain. It provides a comprehensive overview of your individual orders and facilitates your communication with the Line Up team. This transparency is crucial for a successful procurement company like Line Up and enables you to react quickly and flexibly to market changes.

In addition, the Line Up Supply Chain Dashboard supports the optimisation of logistics processes through data-driven insights and analyses based on real-time data. This allows you to not only save costs, but also optimise the logistics and procurement of your products.

The dashboard is therefore not only a tool, but an integral part of your supply chain management and procurement strategies to increase efficiency and transparency of your supply chain in the dynamic world of global trade.

We are proud to offer our customers the Line Up Supply Chain Dashboard as a tailor-made solution to optimise their logistics processes.

Streamline your processes, stay up to date and capture everything about your orders at a glance. The Line Up Dashboard is the modern, intuitive and innovative way to keep an eye on the entire supply chain digitally.


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