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Metal processing

Insights into modern metal processing

Industrial manufacturing involves the use of advanced technologies and processes for efficient mass production of goods in various sectors.

Metal processing

Everything about metal processing: methods, tools and applications

Metal processing example

Metal processing is a manufacturing technology that deals with the forming and processing of various metals to functional products and components. The manufacturing processes that can be assigned to metal processing include: the Bending, the CNC manufacturing, the Die Casting, the Laser cutting, the Plasma cutting, the Waterjet cutting, the Welding, the Punching and the Casting.

Metals are among the most important materials in industry and are indispensable for a variety of applications due to their unique properties and versatility. The comprehensive use extends across areas of construction, the automotive industry, aerospace and aviation, electronics, mechanical engineering, plant engineering, and many more.

Through state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing processes metal products can be produced in mass production and high quality.

Manufacturing processes of metal processing

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Metal processing - advantages

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Special properties

Metal parts have outstanding properties such as high strength and hardness, good heat conduction and electrical conduction, ductility and malleability, and in some cases also corrosion resistance.


Metals can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of different applications.


Modern manufacturing techniques enable the production of metal parts with high precision and tight tolerances.


Additional coatings can protect metals from moisture and aggressive chemicals.

Aesthetics and design

Metals can be refined by surface finishing to individually adapt the aesthetics and design to the product and application.

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