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Precise shaping: The art of punching in manufacturing technology


Punching: Technique and application

Punching is a manufacturing process in which metals are punched using a punching tool shaped or cut. For this purpose, a punching tool (often also a stamp) is required, which is clamped in a punching machine or press. The punching machine presses the stamp with great force of up to several hundred tons onto the material, which rests on the die. This high pressure allows parts to be shape with precise contours or patterns generate. Punching enables the production of very precise and repeatable parts in large quantities, which is particularly important for the series production of components for the industry. Modern punching machines enable the punching, embossing, bending and deep drawing of materials into a desired component.

Punching - Advantages & Processes

Punching: Areas of application and positive effects

Advantages of punching at Line Up

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    Fast processing

    The experts at Line Up work with the latest machines and can create your first sample in no time.

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    Custom shapes

    Line Up can manufacture your component individually and implement the necessary punching forms according to your punching product.

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    Different material thicknesses

    Line Up can implement different material thicknesses and use punching machines with a punching force of up to 500t.

  • Certifications and test reports Icon

    Certifications and test reports

    Line Up can provide certifications, product tests and test reports.




Punching is a process in which the punching tool is pressed into a material with high force to remove material and create an opening. The shape of the stamp determines the shape of the hole or cutout and thus the parts that are cut out of the sheet.



In embossing, the material is pressed between a male and female tool. This allows three-dimensional contours, recessed patterns and designs to be created without removing any material.


Bending punching

Bending punching changes the shape of the starting material by bending along one or more axes. This allows angles, channels or other profiles to be produced, for example. Bending is carried out with a special bending tool that brings the material into the desired shape without cutting it.


Deep drawing

Deep drawing is a punching form technique in which a sheet metal is drawn into a die by a stamp. This allows hollow and complex shapes to be created. Deep drawing can be carried out in several stages to achieve the desired depth and shape without the material tearing.

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