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Carolin Martwich
Carolin Martwich

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Line Up logo - grey background

Hello new design!

The time has finally come: we proudly present our new branding!

We are very pleased to present our new brand design. New logo, new color scheme, new visual language - but with the same values as before.

Why does Line Up need a new design?

A gray lettering with the red dot. Very clear, very simple, but still very professional. You've known Line Up like this for years. So why a new design? "Line Up has developed significantly in many areas over the past few years. What's more, the next generation is already in the company. In order to reflect this development holistically, we decided to rebrand in order to make our Line Up brand more modern, dynamic and eye-catching," says Managing Director Mustafa Silanoglu The new brand identity is intended to reflect the strategic development and vision of the company. And that is exactly what we have developed. With a new logo, a new color scheme, a new visual language - but the same values.

Visual identity: How our new brand design underlines our philosophy in terms of color scheme and imagery

Line Up is a family-run trading company that has been sourcing customized products from all over the world for over 30 years. From Mönchengladbach to the Far East: we are a local full-service partner for global supply chains. As specialists in purchasing processes, we support our customers all the way from the product idea to on-time delivery and beyond, and this is exactly what we convey with our new brand design.

The new logo

Our new logo embodies the process that Line Up depicts for its customers. The circle that opens at the top and closes at the bottom represents the path that a customer goes through with us to successfully complete the project. The lines protruding on the sides, right and left, represent the dynamism and speed that we stand for. The link in the middle symbolizes the bridge we form between the customer and worldwide production possibilities.

Line Up logo - beige background

Not only the logo, but also the new Line Up lettering convey both the charismatic process character and a logistics-oriented impression. This style, which is reflected in logistics, for example on containers, also illustrates the process character in a vivid way.

Colors and shapes: The artistic language of our new design

Our color scheme is more than just an aesthetic choice - it reflects our deep roots in China and combines them with modern influences and the industries we operate in. The mechanical dark gray is meant to reflect the connection to manufacturing, industry and trade, while the light beige represents our strong ties and partnerships with China. The color red has been a part of Line Up from the beginning and is also found in a bold form in our new color scheme. As part of our services, our cargo brown symbolizes the logistical processes that we handle. Finally, the digital blue underlines our innovation and technological focus. This chosen color palette combines tradition and modernity, with each tone telling its own story and creating a link to our identity.

Colour world Line Up rebranding

Customer orientation in images: The reinterpretation of our visual language

As a local full-service partner for global supply chains, we attach great importance to personality. This means we understand the needs and requirements of our customers in detail and can transfer these into production. This allows us to achieve the best product at the best price in the shortest possible time. This personality is very important to us and we would like to reflect it in our visual language in the future.

Shaping the future

With Line Up's redesigned brand identity, we intend to convey our values ​​and the service that characterizes our company even more clearly. We want our brand to be transported and convey our values ​​on an emotional and feeling level. We are very proud of the new brand design and look forward to shaping the future with it.

Please send us your opinion by email, as a comment or as a reaction on our social media channels. We look forward to feedback!

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